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iGamblingInsider’s Sports News page aims to bring you, our readers, the latest updates in the world of sport, from around the world. Here, you can learn more about various sports interaction in different leagues, from basketball to football, to soccer, and more. We cover most, if not all, professional sports leagues, as well as popular college sports events as well.

Here, you get instant access to online sports news regardless of where you are in the world. You can read the latest sports news on European Soccer, and still get updates on Latin American soccer. Name any sport you can find in your sports betting software, and you can read it here.


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USMNT U-17 Lost to Mexico in Concacaf U-17 Final Match

The USMNT U-17 dominated its opponents on its way to the Concacaf U-17 final match. However, it failed to have a good start last Sunday against Mexico. As a result, the team can’t return after falling early in the match. Luis Navarette and Stephano Carrillo...

Kerri Walsh Jennings Partners with Logan Tom for the 2023 Beach Pro Tour

Beach volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings announced that she would return to the sand for the 2023 Beach Pro tour season with a new partner. Walsh Jennings said she would have Logan Tom as her partner this year. Walsh Jennings, 44 years old and last competed in...

2026 Winter Olympics Host Looking for Speedskating Venue

The 2026 Winter Olympics host, the Italian Olympic Committee, is looking for an alternative speedskating venue. It came after the International Olympic Committee rejected its plans to construct a roof over Baselga di Pine’s outdoor track. As of the time the...

Ex-UFC Champ Luke Rockhold is Now a Free Agent

Former UFC middleweight champ Luke Rockhold announced that he is a free agent. He doesn’t have a contract with the UFC. Also, he stated he asked for his freedom from the Ultimate Fighting Championship so that he could fight elsewhere. Rockhold has a good working...

American Express Moves Forward with Phil Mickelson

American Express returns for its 64th year. However, the PGA Tour event will miss previous champions, including the event’s former host, Phil Mickelson. He hosted the last three American Express tournaments. Another player missing in this year’s event is...

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MLB Considers Expansion to 32 Teams

MLB Considers Expansion to 32 Teams

The MLB considers expansion to 32 teams to help infuse not just new blood, but more funds to the league as well. We do not know when it will happen, but it will eventually, and baseball news sites will surely be talking about where the expansion will happen, and what...