2023 NFL Week 1 Must Watch Games

Sports betting is about to enter the most exciting part of the year: football season. The 2023 NFL regular season starts on September 7. And with it comes a fruitful calendar of games which you can earn from. There is no time better than now to open an online sportsbook– you have a week before kickoff, and the bets are already coming in. Here are the 2023 NFL Week 1 must watch games.

The first week of the regular season begins with the kickoff game between the defending Champions Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Detroit Lions. The opening game alone will be seeing a lot of action from sports betting fans. You also have some notable games over the weekend, like the Giants versus the Cowboys and the Bills versus the Jets.


2023 NFL Week 1 Must Watch Games to Bet On

2023 NFL Week 1 Must Watch GamesYour sportsbook pay per head software will be seeing more action in some games more than others. Some, because there are popular teams, and some, because of the betting lines. For instance, the opening game has the favored Chiefs. But the Lions may have a chance, and they have beat the odds quite literally as underdogs towards the end of last season. You may be getting a lot of recreational wagers for this one.

If you are up for some division rivalry games, the Bears will be playing against the Packers, while the Browns will face the Bengals. You also have the San Francisco 49ers facing the Pittsburgh Steelers, and we will be seeing Brock Purdy starting for Week 1. Purdy has a history of winning five of his regular-season starts. He completed 67.1% of his passes, and averages 8.1 yards per pass attempt. He also has 13 TDs and four interceptions. Meanwhile, the Steelers QB Kenny Pickett, of the same class as Purdy, only completed 63% of his passes, and averages only 6.2 yards per pass attempt.

Sunday Night football will be as exciting as it is busy as there are 8 games for the first NFL Sunday. The Giants and the Cowboys will be one to watch out for. Monday may be boring to everyone else but not for football fans. The Bills will play against the Jets Monday night, at Aaron Rodgers will be playing for the first time for New York after playing for 18 seasons with the Packers.


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