Team Liquid and Team BDS were Booted from the Swiss Stage of LoL Worlds

It is the end of the road for Team Liquid and Team BDS in the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. They were cut in the Swiss Stage of LoL Worlds on Monday.

European Team BDS completed the Swiss Stage without a single win. It lost to Dplus KIA on Monday. Also, it had defeats against JD Gaming and MAD Lions. On the other hand, Team Liquid lost to GAM eSports after suffering defeats from T1 and NRG.

According to eSports betting reports, a defending champion is out of the tournament as it heads to the next stage.

Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon was a member of the TL roster. He had previously won the World Championship with the Korean team DRX. According to online sports betting sources, the 23-year-old player claimed that this is the first year he will not go to the quarterfinals of Worlds.

Team Liquid and Team BDS Out of Worlds

Team Liquid and Team BDS were Booted from the Swiss Stage of LoL WorldsWith a reverse sweep victory over PSG Talon, a joint project of Taipei’s Paris Saint-Germain football club and Talon Esports, underdog Team BDS secured a berth in the Swiss Stage’s 16 teams.

Their previous victory against the United States’ Golden Guardians in the best-of-five World Qualifying Series qualified them for the eight-team Play-Ins, where they competed with the other unseeded teams for two slots to join the 14 regular season qualifiers in the Swiss system tournament.

They made it to the finals but lost to Dplus KIA of Korea, where the defending champion also resides. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu of Dplus KIA won his first Worlds championship last November when DRX upset fan favorite T1 in the finals, and he is still in the competition this year thanks to a victory on his 27th birthday.

After a two-day hiatus, the second leg of the Swiss Stage will continue Thursday, with twelve teams returning to the stadium. Gen.G of South Korea and JD Gaming of China, both unbeaten in the Swiss Stage, have already qualified for the Knockout Stage, which features the top eight teams. (See if you can say that three times fast.)

The Worlds is still ongoing. Thus, you have time to learn how to bet on eSports. That way, you can earn more money in the long run.

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