How to Open a Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head

Many sports bettors dream of quitting their job and starting their own online sportsbook. And why wouldn’t they? Being a bookmaker would let them do something they love and be financially independent. To help these people follow their dreams, here is our tutorial on How to Open a Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head.

Keep in mind that this article only provides the steps to opening an online sportsbook with a Pay Per Head (PPH). It does not go into the money necessary to open a betting site, nor how to manage one. In addition, this article does not cover the legal restrictions and licenses of running a sportsbook. While a Pay Per Head is a legal, it does not absolve you from your legal responsibilities. Thus, remember that you are the one responsible for obtaining the proper licenses for your business.

Why Use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head?

Why Use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head?There are several ways to open an online sportsbook. Some methods are difficult and require a lot of money while other are methods are quite easy. In the tutorial, we went with the easiest method to open a sportsbook which is by using a PPH company.

What is a Pay Per Head – A Pay Per Head is a service that provides everything a person or business needs to start a gambling operation. These services provide the betting software, odds feed, player betting platform, and management tools to open a sportsbook. However, instead of buying or leasing the betting software and paying for all the costs of running a sportsbook, you pay a small weekly fee for each player. Yes, his is where the term “pay per head” comes from.

Advantages of Using a Pay Per head

Cost Advantage of a PPH – One of the main advantages of using a Bookie Pay Per Head to start your sportsbook is the cost. On average, bookies pay between $2 to $20 per active player (a customer that has made at least 1 wager) every week. On the other hand, the cost of purchasing a sports betting software or licensing the use of one is quite high.

Buying or making a betting software will easily cost over $250,000 and that does not include the monthly maintenance fees. In addition, licensing a betting software, will run a few thousand a month and sometimes includes a percentage of your revenue.

Ready to Take Bets in a Very Short amount of Time – A Sportsbook PPH service is for all practical purposes an out-of-the-box solution for bookies. Depending on the company you use, it could only take a few minutes or hours before you start taking wagers!

Steps to Open a Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head Software

Steps to Open a Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head SoftwareStep 1.  Choose a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Company and Signup for their Services –  We recommend reading sportsbook pay per head reviews or pay per head forums to help you decide which company to use.

Step 2. Create a betting account for all of your players. When you open their gambling account these are important setting to remember: credit limits and max wager limits.

Step 3.  Managing Your Sportsbook and Players – The next step is to ensure your players are happy by properly managing your sportsbook.

Step 4. Settling Up –Settling up is when you pay or collect money from your players every week to settle the wagering balance.

Choosing a Top Bookie Pay Per Head Providers to Start your Sportsbook

There are currently over 30-50 sportsbook pay per head companies on the market to help you start a sportsbook. Thus, it makes it difficult to choose the one that best fits your needs. However, after some research and testing, these are the Top Bookie Pay Per Head Providers that we recommend.

  • – has been helping bookies open a sportsbook business since 2013 thanks to their top-of-the-line sportsbook pay per head services. In addition, they are very cost-efficient because they charge as low as $2 per player for their services. Read the Review
  • – remains a top choice for bookies seeking reliable PPH services. Their quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support contribute to their strong reputation in the industry. The charge their clients $5 or less per player for using their services. Read the Pay Per head Review.

For more information on starting an online sportsbook, we recommend reading our tutorial on How to Become a bookie.