Minor League Baseball Unveils New Logo

Minor League Baseball got a new logo. However, baseball betting fans are familiar with its silhouette. It looks like the Major League Baseball logo with a blue colorway. Also, it has four stars. In addition, the MiLB version does not have the baseball you can find in the MLB logo.

According to Minor League Baseball, this usage of the MLB emblem is intended to symbolize the permanent relationship between MiLB and MLB as part of the new MLB Player Development league system.

The only remaining element from earlier Minor League Baseball designs is the quartet of stars on the right side of the logo; these stars stand for the four classifications of Minor League Baseball, from Rookie-A to Triple-A. Even while there are still four stars, they are no longer arched around the batter but placed in a diagonal line.

Minor League Baseball’s New Logo

Minor League Baseball Unveils New LogoMinor League Baseball explains the origins of the two-tone blue color scheme by citing baseball’s rich history in a social media post. People who bet on baseball learned that the Minor League added that the lighter color is meant to symbolize the hopeful futures of its players. In addition, the higher contrast provided by the deeper blue makes the stars more noticeable.

In 1969, during professional baseball’s centennial year, MLB debuted the now-iconic “Batterman” emblem, created by the late Jerry Dior, and wore it on the jerseys of all 30 clubs.

It’s unfortunate to see another creative logo concept go the way of the dodo, but no one can deny the success of Major League Baseball’s emblem. Although I recognize that I am in the minority regarding such matters, I have always found it amusing to spot players and fans sporting ballcaps featuring the MiLB emblem.

During the 2023 Triple-A National Championship Game in Las Vegas, Minor League Baseball will officially debut its new logo on Saturday.

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