James Harden Clippers

Those who are into sports betting have been looking forward to seeing how James Harden will fare when he starts playing the regular season with the Los Angeles Clippers. As one of the most respected and sought-after players in the league, it is always exciting to see where Harden will end up, and to discover what he can bring to his new home team. Of course, like with any strong player of his caliber, there is a learning curve for them when they join a new team. And this is something we saw in the James Harden Clippers debut at the Madison Square Garden.

The Los Angeles Clippers lost to the New York Knicks 111-97, despite the Clippers being well-rested, with 4 days off before the game on Monday. Despite training with his new teammates, Harden was not able to play with those he shared the court with in their game, and it showed. As a pay per head sportsbook software user, you are well versed with how these adjustments happen. Thus, expect the lines on the Clippers to be a bit more different, at least until we see Harden settle in with the team. This also means that betting can be quite unpredictable. And if you manage your lines well, this can play out to your favor.


James Harden Clippers Debut Was a Loss, But Clues Us in on Potential

James Harden ClippersIt was also not the best performance of the Clippers. They had 22 turnovers throughout the game, which allowed the Knicks to score 35 from that. But even with this, there were small snippets, a few moments in the game, where we saw the Clippers work well with each other. And with Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Russel Westbrook, and Ivica Zubac together on the floor, there really is a lot of potential for them to perform better, and score more.

There will be an adjustment in the roster, to see how everyone works together, and depending on what is needed in the court at a time. But if you are in the industry, then you know that this adjustment period can take as long as even a dozen games before they regain their footing. So when it comes to managing basketball betting lines this early into the season, using the best software to create a sportsbook will be extremely helpful. The software will include sports betting odds in your sportsbook, so you will have more time to focus on line management, and earn more from NBA betting, among others.


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