Guide to Betting on Baseball

Baseball is the quintessential American sport. And after a long and cold winter, spring brings us MLB betting season. Whether you bet on baseball or decide to open a baseball betting business, you can earn a lot if you know enough about the minutiae of baseball betting. In our guide to betting on baseball, we will walk you through the basics of how to successfully bet on baseball.

Guide to Betting on Baseball

Knowing Your Baseball Leagues

Baseball betting is quite popular in sportsbooks because of the sheer volume of games in a regular season. The MLB regular season, for instance, features 162 games. The regular season calendar runs from March to early October. To compare with other major US sports leagues, the NBA has 82 regular season games, and the NFL has 17 regular season games.

Thus, the MLB has 30 teams playing 162 games, which brings us to around 2,430 games. These games do not even include the postseason. Ten teams play in the playoffs, and the number will narrow down to the Division Series, the Champion Series, and the World Series. If you will bet on other baseball leagues from other countries, you can even bet on hundreds more each season.


How to Bet on Baseball

Guide to Betting on BaseballBaseball is different from sports like football and basketball in terms of the bets people make. Normally the point spread is the most popular bet in other sports, but with baseball, the moneyline is the main bet people make. Prop bets are also popular, and the run line is still available, but the moneyline is still the most popular wager.

The totals are also popular, there bettors place wagers on how many runs will be scored in the game. As for prop bets, a lot of wagers can be made in baseball, such as who will hit a home run first, and other such player props. There are a lot of popular baseball betting websites that offer a wide variety of betting options, from the run line to live betting options.

Top Betting Tips

  • Guide to Betting on BaseballStick to Your Bankroll. When you get into sports betting, you cannot settle for betting on favorite teams or players. While that would be fun, it may not always be profitable. You have to make well-informed bets and not spread yourself too thin. So set a budget and limit for your betting, and stick to it. This prevents you from spending and potentially losing too much.
  • Avoid Popular Favorites. Baseball is very popular in sportsbooks, but its also more popular for recreational bettors. Perhaps the more direct approach of moneyline bets make it easier for them. Or baseball fans are just very popular and loyal to their teams. Regardless, a lot of public betting happens, which will cause line movement. That means some games will have overpriced lines and may not be smart bets for you.
  • Look for Reverse Line Movement. Following public betting, sportsbooks will adjust the lines to try to get more balanced lines. When this happens, lines move in the opposite direction of betting percentages. And if you can find good odds, you can take the action and earn from this. This strategy takes a while to understand and master, but it will help you earn more in baseball betting.

Of course, you always have the option of becoming a bookie yourself. You can use a good sportsbook pay per head software to create and manage your very own online sportsbook. Instead of just winning from the bets you make, you can earn from bets on any game- on every game in the MLB.


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