US Women Volleyball Team Aims to Win VNL Title

In the latest in internet gambling news, let’s take a look at the US Women Volleyball team as they compete to win its fourth-straight Volleyball Nations League, or VNL title. The 2022 FIVB Volleyball Nations League tournament is being held in Ankara, Turkey. The US are the favorites to win this title. Historically, the US has been the only winner in the VNL since it launched back in 2018 to replace the FIVB Grand Prix.

And if you bet on volleyball, the result could go either way. Either the favorites will win and add to their streak, or a strong team will fight strong enough to win the title. It will be quite the challenge, since the US Women team is at first place with 11-1. Their only loss was against Japan in the first week of the matches.

VNL Title: Who Will it Go To?

US Women Volleyball Team Aims to Win VNL TitleThe host country will get the top seed in the Final Round, so Turkey will play No. 8 Thailand in its match. The US Women will go in at No. 2 and will be playing against defending world champion Serbia in the quarterfinals. Serbia is 8-4 in the league, and is one of the strongest contenders for the title this year. If you want to run a successful bookie business, you should keep an eye out for events where you have streaks and high profile teams playing, as it may be particularly lucrative.

If the US beats Serbia, they will advance to the semifinals this weekend. The Medal Matches will be held on Sunday, July 17. One of the US strengths is its unpredictability. US Head Coach Karch Kiraly has been rotating between the roster, never using the same starting players again in other matches.


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