eSports in the Olympics?

The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of sports events. Every four years, the best athletes around the world gather to compete in hundreds of sports disciplines, aiming to bring home medals for their country. Sportsbook pay per head services cater to Olympic betting during the events as they can bring in a lot of profit. And as for the sports that are competed, which disciplines are selected, and why? Given the popularity of eSports, will it be outlandish to think of having eSports in the Olympics?

eSports is very popular on the international level, and one can even argue that eSports is even more popular than some of the events that we see in the competition. But popularity is not all that is needed to get into the Olympics, unfortunately. Even sports that are popular like cricket or Mixed Martial Arts are not part of the prestigious event.

eSports in the Olympics

eSports in the Olympics?The International Olympic Committee is the oversight body that upholds the Olympic Charter. According to the charter, there are a few requirements for eligibility for the sport to be included for consideration. One, at least 75 countries must participate in the sport, and 4 continents for men, and for women, it has to be represented in at least 40 countries, on three continents. Since the Charter was enacted, over 100 sporting events have been included.

The IOC also looks to international governing bodies to help with the regulation of the sport. Also, the IOC must have sufficient proof that, similar to Olympic sports you might see in bookie PPH betting lines, there is a level of athleticism such as hand-eye coordination.

eSPorts seem to qualify, as reflexes, coordination, and decision-making is required in eSports gaming. There are also international organizations such as the International e-sport Federation as well as national regulatory bodies that exist. And if you regularly check eSports news, you can easily see that the sport is dominated by younger adults and teenagers. This is the demographic that the Olympics needs to engage younger viewers. The IOC has recently added an eSports and gaming liaison group to build a relationship, so we may actually see eSports in the Olympics in the future.


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