NHL Free Agency: Who is Available?

When you check out a bookie pay per head blog, you will be seeing a lot of news on sports league in between seasons for mostly two events: the draft, and the free agency. With the NHL, the draft is over and done with, so we now have the NHL free agency to look out for. These two events are important as these events will bring in new players, or a shuffling of players, which will change the dynamics and strength of each team.

And with the NHL free agency upon us, its time to check out who will be available to move. Of course, if you are gearing up to earn money in the coming NHL season, consider checking out these gambling software reviews to help you.

NHL Free Agency

NHL Free Agency: Who is Available?Johnny Gaudreau of the Calgary Flames is perhaps the biggest name to hit the free agency market this year. In the 2021-2022 season, he scored 40 goals, 75 assists, and 115 points. There is a large probability that he will stay in Calgary, but a player of Gaudreau’s caliber will not go through free agency without a bidding war at the very least.

Another name familiar to those in the sportsbook pay per head industry is Nazem Kadri, who, at 31, still packs quite a punch with 28 goals, 59 assists, and 87 points last season. Meanwhile, you also have Claude Giroux from the Florida Panthers, who, at 34, may or may not land a good deal- it may be a toss between a high salary, or a lower salary but a better chance at a Stanley Cup win. The Colorado Avalanche’s Andre Burakovsky may stay, depending on the salary cap of the Avalanche. If not, then another lucky team will have a fine addition to their forward group.


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