Big 12 Teams Not Shy About Transfers

Big 12 Teams in the NCAA are looking hard for players to strengthen their rosters, and they are not shy about getting from other teams. College basketball betting is talked a lot about in gambling legal news sites, since they are very lucrative. Nowadays, with the NCAA more commercialized, more and more focus has been given on building strong and highly competitive teams across the country.

Players transferring schools within a conference used to be frowned upon. But since the NCAA has relaxed its transfer rules, its no longer much of an issue if players would switch from one team to another, especially in the Big 12. These teams are some of the most popular in pay per head bookie sportsbooks, and seeing the changes in these programs will definitely make things more exciting in the coming basketball season.

Big 12 Teams Transfers

Big 12 Teams Not Shy About TransfersIn the offseason, we so far have seen 6 transfers from within the Big 12, so things are definitely heating up in the conference. For instance, we have Kansas beating Texas Tech, and Kevin McCullar playing 43/50 minutes of that game in the last season. But Texas Tech will not have McCullar on their side, and will instead be facing him as he transfers to Kansas. Kansas does have a new player in Jaylon Tyson- who is coming in from Texas Tech. They will also be getting De’Vion Harmon, from Oregon.

Texas can brag about their biggest transfer of the year, courtesy of them gaining Tyrese Hunter from rival Iowa State. Basically, you have 7 out of the 10 teams in the Big 12 having new transfers from other teams, making this one conference to watch out for. If you want to earn from all the action that can be made on this, learn how to open a sportsbook before the season starts.


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