Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions Again

The Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions once again, as the Warriors defeated the Celtics 103-90 at the TD Garden in Game 6. Most sports news outlets will be talking about this series, as both the Warriors and the Boston Celtics performed well this season, and the series started out as unpredictable as it could be.

Both teams are popular with bookie pay per head sportsbooks as these two teams not only have such strong fan bases, but their rosters are really good as well. While there are big superstars with the likes of Stephen Curry, these teams are able to boast that their lineups have quite a lot of players that can deliver.

Golden State Warriors Win the NBA Season

Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions AgainThe Warriors have been in the NBA for only 8 seasons, and yet the team boasts four championships already. Many sports fans believe that the Warriors could have had more, had Curry not been out due to an injury in previous seasons. Given how profitable the NBA is, having a team with this high a winning percentage would be something that would generate a lot of action. And if you want to earn from NBA betting, you can easily learn how to become a bookie.

Game 1 of the Finals was a Celtics win, despite the Warriors being a favorite in some sportsbooks. Game 2 was a win for the Warriors, bringing it to a 1-1 tie in the series. Game 3 was very confusing for bettors, as sportsbooks had mixed odds on favorites, but the Celtics delivered a 116-110 win. Game 4 again went to the Warriors, bringing it to a 2-2 tie in the series. Game 5 was again very exciting, as this was a tiebreaker game, and the Warriors won 104-94. And even though many were hoping for a game 7, the Warriors shut that idea down and went for the win, therefore winning their 4th ring in the league.


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