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Online Gambling in the US

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When the US was given federal rights to legalize and regulate sports betting in the country, there was quite a steady momentum to allow sports betting- online sports betting specifically. But why is it that when we are talking about online casino gaming, the process seems slower?

To compare, there are more than 30 states that offer online sports betting (correct me if I am wrong here), but there are only 7 states that offer iGaming. This year I think only Rhode Island went live with iGaming.

So what is holding these states back and why are they moving at a slower pace than online sports betting, considering iGaming is actually more profitable in other betting markets?

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One of the reasons is probably because a lot of states have compacts with the local Indian tribes for casinos. Florida for example had a lot of issues getting their sports betting program rolling because of the compact they had with the local tribes.

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