New Events to Be Added to 2026 Olympic Winter Games

There will be eight new events to be added to the 2026 Olympic Winter Games. These new events are expected to generate a lot of new interest in betting, so make sure you learn how to be a bookmaker and create your own sportsbook soon.

The International Olympic Committee recently finalized the sports program for the Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026. Out of the eight new events, three of them will be making their Olympic debut.

New Events in the 2026 Olympic Winter Games

New Events to Be Added to 2026 Olympic Winter GamesThose who are into online gambling should note of the new games that will be added to the Winter Games. The men’s and women’s dual moguls will be added, plus mixed team skeleton, women’s doubles luge, women’s large hill ski jumping. And in the new sport of ski mountaineering, we will have men’s sprint, women’s sprint, and mixed relay.

In addition, the alpine mixed team parallel event will be nixed. Meanwhile, athlete quota sports will be allocated among the sports to maintain the total number of athletes at 2,900. All of these new events will be taking place in existing venues, so it will not be too costly to host these new events.

Of course, if you are into sports betting, then these additions should be familiar to you already. If not, you can check out more winter news and watch qualifying events so you know what to expect when the Winter Olympics happen. In the meantime, you can explore this bookie pay per head software and see how it can help your sports betting operation earn even more.

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