MLB Considers Expansion to 32 Teams

The MLB considers expansion to 32 teams to help infuse not just new blood, but more funds to the league as well. We do not know when it will happen, but it will eventually, and baseball news sites will surely be talking about where the expansion will happen, and what new teams will be spouting.

The MLB Players’ Association executive director Tony Clark spoke with the media and said that they are hopeful that they can have a world of 32 teams instead of just 30. But Clark is not the only one with this idea. Last month, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said that he would love to have 32 teams. While this is not the first time the league has expanded its membership, the last one was pretty long ago.

MLB Expansion Plans

MLB Considers Expansion to 32 TeamsBack in 1998, when sportsbook pay per head solutions were only a dream most bookies would wish for, the MLB expanded the league. The first ever expansion, meanwhile, happened back in 1961. There are quite a lot of possible venues for expansion. For many baseball fans, cities like Las Vegas, Portland, Montreal, Charlotte, and other cities could be home to a future new baseball team. And just like running a sportsbook pay per head, owning a baseball team is very profitable, so many will be willing to help expand the league.

The biggest hurdle the league will have to face is to help the two clubs in their league find new stadiums. These are the Athletics, and the Rays. The condition of the ballparks and venues are a problem for the league. As for the expansion, the league can ask as much as $2 billion, or even more, for a franchise fee. Adding two more teams also means adding 52 more active MLB roster sports that will bring in more talent, and more betting opportunities in your turnkey bookie software.


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