Sports Betting Bill Fails to Pass in Massachusetts

With two days left to pass the sports betting bill, lawmakers are still negotiating for a compromise. However, all indicators point to the failure to agree. According to sports betting news reports, the committee has been working for more than a month to develop an amicable bill that combines the versions approved by both chambers.

The lawmakers have until July 31 to submit a bill to Governor Charlie Baker. The governor has been a vocal supporter of sports betting in Massachusetts. If lawmakers fail to come up with a compromise, they must tackle the topic again next year.

According to betting software solution experts, committee members have been tight-lipped in their discussions. Also, only their leaders made their comments to the public. However, Senate President Karen Spilka is hopeful that they can come up with a universal bill before the session ends. Also, she accused her colleagues from the House of playing hardball.

Sports Betting Bill Goes Nowhere in Massachusetts

Sports Betting Bill Fails to Pass in MassachusettsThe House bill allows betting on college sports. House Speaker Ron Mariano said there’s no point in making sports wagering legal in the state without it. But, according to sportsbook pay per head sources, the Senate doesn’t want to allow college sports wagering.

In addition, the House Bill will place a 15 percent tax on sports betting. On the other hand, the Senate Bill wants to put a 35 percent tax on the activity. Despite having a lower rate, the House bill is estimated to bring more tax revenue of around $60 million to $70 million annually.

Representative Aaron Michlewitz is hopeful they can come up with a compromise bill. However, they only have a day to do so. The likely account would leave out betting on in-state colleges.

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