Governor Expresses Support for Massachusetts Sports Betting Bill

The Massachusetts governor has expressed his support for the Massachusetts sports betting bill, which is under deliberation by both chambers of the legislature. Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker has always been vocal of his support in sports betting and gambling, as frequently read in gambling legal news sites. After all, sports betting is very lucrative, and the state can generate millions in income from tax revenues.

With the simple concept of how bookies make money, the way to legalize sports betting in the state should be easy, too. However, the sports betting bills of both the Senate and the House are not aligned. So both chambers formed a committee that will align both bills to make sure they are on the same page. The problem is, the deadline is coming very soon, with the end of the legislative session ending in July 31.

Massachusetts Sports Betting Bill

Governor Expresses Support for Massachusetts Sports Betting BillThe Governor is uncertain on the outcome of the deliberation of the bicameral committee. Even those involved in the deliberations are mum on the issue itself. The bills have key differences that are big points of discussion: tax rates and college sports. With online gambling, everything must be finalized so no problems will hinder the launch of the gambling market should the state finally pass the bill. This can delay residents’ access to gambling products even more.

Currently, the differences in the tax rates in both bills need to be agreed on as the Senate wants a higher tax rate than the House. In addition, the Senate also wants to ban Massachusetts bettors from betting on college sports. Meanwhile, the House, acknowledging how popular college sports betting is, wants to include the various leagues under it to be included in the list of sports that people can bet on. Both bills aim to allow both retail and online sports betting.


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