Betting on Football Totals

For gamblers with experience betting on sports, Betting on Football Total can be very attractive. This is because it gives more football betting options when the odds are not very profitable with other bet types.

Handicapping NFL over/under bets is a reliable way to become a successful sports bettor. Whether you’re a rookie or a professional player, finding opportunities to win NFL totals is an exciting method to wager.

How Betting on Football Totals Works

How Betting on Football Totals WorksEven if you completely understand totals bets, here’s a recap of how these bets work. Bettors are not attempting to predict the exact total or final score of a football game. They are predicting whether the final score will go Over or Under a point total established by the online bookie software.

Who wins or loses the game of no concern when betting on totals. This is because winning the wager depends only the final combined score of both teams. Here is an example better explains how these bets work.

Before the game begins, bookmakers have established a game total to be 50. A bettor predicts that the two teams will combine to score more than 50 points. The bettor wagers on the Over. If the final score of the game is 28-24 (a total of 52 points), the bettor is a winner.

If the final score was 27-23, the result would be what’s called a Push. A Push means that no one wins the bet because the final score landed directly on the sportsbooks’ total. All bets are refunded. This is why many football totals are set in units of 0.5. Football teams cannot score a half-point.

Betting Football Totals

When it comes to betting on totals, understanding key numbers is the first step in developing a good strategy. In NFL games, the scoring is more consistent. Field goals are worth three points, touchdowns six points, and NFL teams don’t try as many two-point conversions as college teams do.

As a result, certain final scores are more common than others. According to sportsbook pay per head data, a total of 3.82 percent of NFL games end with a score of 41. The next two most common final scores are 40 (3.75%) and 51 (3.67%). If you look at the top ten NFL totals – 41, 40, 51, 47, 44, 43, 50, 55, 33, and 37 – all of them occur at least three percent of the time.

About 40 percent of all games end with a final score that lands on one of those 10 numbers. Roughly 15 percent of games end between 40 and 44 total points. This information is extremely valuable when betting NFL totals at your trusted sportsbook.

Important Factors to Consider when betting on Football Totals

After gaining a grasp of the numbers, totals bettors can examine a variety of factors that influence scoring. The first is, of course, the relative skills of the offenses and defenses competing against one another.

Teams with strong defenses don’t typically surrender many points. As a result, sportsbooks work that into their total.

It’s the same with two high-scoring teams. Oddsmakers factor this into their total. Totals of 50 and above are considered high in the NFL. In college football, it is common to see totals go into the 70s when two high-scoring offenses play each other.

Another element is the weather. Scoring typically suffers when playing in chilly, wet, and rainy weather. Likewise, teams don’t have to worry about the weather when they play in a domed stadium.

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