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This sports betting tutorial will tackle the complexities of handicap betting in StarCraft 2. Some players also call it spread wagering. Thus, you will learn the basics, how to read the odds, and other tips for beginners and experienced players.

Handicap or spread betting is a popular eSports betting type preferred by fans who like predicting game results. Also, betting against the spread can be lucrative. On the other hand, you must know how to find the value out of the odds before you bet on eSports. That way, you can earn more money from eSports wagering.

Understanding Handicap Betting in StarCraft 2

What is Handicap Betting in StarCraft 2Handicaps in SC2 are typically seen as the giving or taking of map victories from competitors before the game begins, as opposed to the traditional SC2 betting system.

A standard handicap wager requires the bookmaker either favor or penalize a particular team. It is done so that wagering remains competitive even on games with apparent results. However, there is a lot of possibility for unexpected results, or “upsets,” in professional SC2. Therefore, doing homework on the event and the players involved is essential.

Low odds during a predicted landslide are typical in SC2 matchups. It’s primarily a problem if you like playing Singles before a match.

Overcoming SC2 disadvantages often calls for extraordinary effort. It is because you’ll need to experiment with several approaches until you find one that reliably depicts the final result. It might involve a deep dive into the industry’s competition, and when you’re just getting started, it’s often advised that you model your approach after a single, highly regarded rival. Follow a heavily favored contestant to win the overall event because you think they can overcome a significant disadvantage.

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