How to Bet on Soccer Futures

There are many options when you bet on soccer futures. Sportsbooks will offer various futures for most tournaments and leagues at the start of the season. Thus, we made this guide to soccer futures betting.

The English Premier League is the most popular league when you bet on soccer futures. Also, the futures market before the start of the season. The markets will close once matches start each week during the season. However, they open again with adjusted odds at the beginning of the following week.

According to soccer news reports, some season-long futures wagers will close when the season starts. Therefore, we recommend reading the rules of the sportsbook regarding future bets.

Guide on How to Bet on Soccer Futures

How to Bet on Soccer FuturesOne of the soccer futures is picking the team that will finish in the Top 4. A top 4 finish is significant in the EPL because the team qualifies for next year’s Champions League tournament. However, you can only pick the Top 3 for the French Ligue 1.

Other than betting on the Top 4 finish, you can also bet on a Top 6 finish. According to sports betting news reports, there are six significant teams in the Premier League: Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

You might not find value in wagering on the teams to finish top six. However, there will be value if you feel optimistic about a team outside the big six clubs.

Soccer teams don’t get any real value for finishing in the top half compared to the bottom half of the standings. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find any value when you bet on the bottom half and top half finishes.

You wouldn’t find any value in wagering one of the top teams to finish in the top half. It is the same for betting on newly promoted teams to finish at the bottom. Also, the results are already expected, and sportsbooks set lines accordingly.

You’ll find the best value with mid-tier teams. Also, you can consider whether a team will underperform or overperform during the season.

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