The Basics of Baseball Betting: Total Runs

Totals betting or over/under is a popular wagering option for players who bet on basketball or football. However, it is unpopular among baseball bettors. Thus, sportsbooks don’t check total runs as on the run line and the moneyline. As a result, total runs bring tremendous value to smart players.

If you are familiar with wagering totals in basketball or football, the idea is similar to baseball totals. You bet on the combined runs scored by both squads. Here is an essential baseball betting guide to totals.

Total Runs in Baseball

The Basics of Baseball Betting: Total RunsTotals is a betting type based on the total runs scored in a game. As a player, you bet if the combined number of runs will be under or over a specific number set by sportsbooks. For instance, the sportsbook set the totals at 10 for the game between the Rockies and Dodgers. Therefore, if you placed a bet on over, the final score must have ten runs and above.

According to sources, odd numbers are the most likely outcome of baseball games because they don’t end with a tie. However, over/under wagers can end in a push. That’s when the total number of runs is equal to the number set by the bookie.

Bookies don’t want pushes because they need to refund wagers, including the juice. Also, setting the total on common results will lead to greater probabilities of pushes.

Thus, bookies will shade the total down or up. Also, they will adjust payouts on each side. Here’s where the importance of removing sportsbook vig when calculating profits comes into play as a player.

Gambling tutorials say shading adjusts the juice to -125 or more on the most likely results. Also, the bookie will adjust the less likely result in the opposite direction.

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