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Neymar Loses $1 Million in Poker Game

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Jet Snyder
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The Paris Saint-Germain star's Twitter account was hacked, and he also lost a lot of money playing poker, so Neymar's bad luck did not end when he left the field.

The Brazilian attacker had ankle surgery in March and is currently spending some of his offseason playing poker.

Neymar's recent poker session did not go well, even though he often plays in casinos and online games on his Twitch platform. Globo Esporte, a Brazilian news organization, reported that he lost $1 million in an hour, prompting him to act out a scene from the Titanic while crying and screaming into a pillow.

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Carl Stonemason
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Is he sponsored by any casino or company? the money might come from sponsorships, something we see a lot in twitch?


Even so, that is such a big loss. Sportsbooks were lucky to get his business!

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James Rikeman
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Sponsored or not, it showed Twitch's double standards when it comes to gambling on its platform. If Neymar was a normal streamer, he would be banned right away.

Also, Twitch has a white-list of gambling platforms.

I wish someday there will be land-based Casinos in Georgia. Maybe someday it will come true.